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Monitor air temperature from -30° to 130°F (-34° to 54°C)

The Temp Alert Temperature Switch can be used with all Sensaphone models. It monitors air temperature from -30° to 130°F (-34° to 54°C).

By adjusting the temperature limit arms, you can select the acceptable temperature limits for your application. Simply use a screwdriver to set the temperature limit arms on the front of the device.

When the ambient air temperature rises or falls to the limit arms, the temperature sensor triggers an alarm. The temperature alert can be mounted to any wall or vertical surface. Multiple temp alerts may be wired in parallel to a single input. It requires no power for operation and mounts easily on any flat surface.

  • Monitors temperatures from -30° to 130°F
  • Sends a simple alarm or no alarm status to the Sensaphone
  • Provides a local display of temperature reading
  • Multiple sensors can be added to one Sensaphone input
1 Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturer