Sensaphone FGD-0800 Monitoring System

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Auto Dialer Temperature Alarm Provides Instant Notifications

Product Details: The Sensaphone 400 & 800 Monitoring Systems offer small-business owners, vacation property owners, and other property managers an easy and inexpensive way to monitor a remote facility. Previously called "auto dialers," these systems notify you if they sense undesirable temperatures or other conditions.

When the system is connected to a standard telephone line, you can record custom “Alert Condition” notifications and receive alarm messages in your own voice. This system can set off a local alarm if a phone line is cut and control a thermostat to adjust site temperature between two set points. Nonvolatile memory retains system settings in the event of power loss. You can call in by phone to get the status of each monitored condition.

  • Monitoring unit/auto-dialers are now available in white or grey
  • Simple, convenient, cost-effective remote monitoring for vacation homes and property managers
  • Record custom voice alerts and receive alarm messages in your own voice
  • Receive voice alerts and alarm notifications over standard telephone lines
  • Notifies up to four people by voice phone call in the event of an alarm
  • Up to four or eight external sensors monitor temperature, humidity, water, and more
  • Included relay output can switch local devices on/off based on alarm activity
  • Temperature-sensing range of -20° to 150°F | -30° to 65°C
  • Use a dual setback thermostat to control temperature between two set points
  • Made in USA

The Sensaphone 400 provides four available external inputs allow users to connect a variety of sensors to monitor temperature, water, humidity, and more. Each zone can be calibrated, enabled, or disabled individually – with fully automatic input configuration. The system can monitor for power failures and listen for high sound levels. With built-in status LEDs, each monitored condition is easily read at the installation site or remotely by telephone. Features: The built-in output relay can switch external devices on or off automatically or manually – tripping local lights or sirens. The output can even control a thermostat to adjust site temperature between two set points. With built-in surge protection on all zones, the unit power supply, and the connected telephone line guard against voltage spikes. Alerts: When connected to a standard telephone line, the system allows users to record custom voice messages. In the event of an alarm, the system can send these “Alert Condition” messages by phone to as many as four people – repeating those calls until it receives a response. A line-seize feature automatically disconnects extension lines when the system needs to call out. Includes: A pre-installed temperature sensor to monitor the installation location and a 24-hour battery backup to ensure reliable operation during a power outage. Upgrade to the Sensaphone 800 to use up to eight inputs or phone call out numbers.

1 Year Limited Warranty from Manufacturer